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Chapin's Ravina Fundraiser

Created by Chapin Residential College

Supporting cystic fibrosis research

Each year, Chapin Residential College honors an important and loved Chapin alum. Ravina Thakkar lived in the Humanities College for 2 years. Ravina was a crucial and beloved member of Chapin Exec Board, as well as a friend to all in the dorm. Memories of her exist in the dorm today, such as a letter she wrote, posted on the wall by the printer, or pictures in the various scrapbooks in the Chapin War Room. After an enduring battle with cystic fibrosis, Ravina passed away in August of 2019, and the Ravina Fundraiser is Chapin's way to remember an important figure to the dorm. Each year we raise money to support cystic fibrosis research in the name of Ravina Thakkar, and to honor her memory. Please consider donating.

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