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Joy of Jameson

Created by Jana Horton

Jameson Patrick Martin

My name is Jana Horton, and I gave birth to Jameson Patrick on April 14, 2021. He gave me the most joy that I had ever had in my whole life. I couldn't wait to be a mom, and I loved all the preparation that came with it. Just before he was born, I was made aware there could be challenges to face when it came to Jameson's health. I remained hopeful and on April 14th, I gave birth to the most precious baby boy. The challenges immediately began, and Jameson had surgery the day after he was born. The next 68 days were some of the hardest, but some of the best moments of my life. To honor Jameson's memory, we are raising funds to support the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the search for a cure. Please consider making a gift today. Your support will help make a difference for all those with CF and their families. Thank you!

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