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Adding More Adventures For Those With CF in Memory of Joe Connolly

Created by Emma Sadowski

Joe Connolly

My name is Emma Sadowski. I am a little cousin of Joe, aka "Go-Go". I count myself lucky to have had Joe as an uncle figure for the last 27 years of my life. Go-Go was always on an adventure. He seemed to have a friend wherever he went, always knew where the live music was and was constantly up to something. Our family trips to New Hampshire and Florida to see him and Lauren, and his unannounced visits to our house on Long Island were always filled with stories and laughs. I fall in line with all the stereotypes of an oldest child. I am a meticulous rule follower and am certainly NOT an adrenaline junkie. I measure the risks of a situation and stick to my guns if it doesn't feel worth it. But for some reason, Joe was always able to convince me to take a chance and try something new. From skiing to motorcycle rides, I trusted him implicitly. As I've grown, I have truly come to understand that great things don't come from comfort zones, and I am grateful to have had someone like Joe to show me that starting at such a young age. Joe was loved by many, especially Lauren and Aunt Millie. He will be sorely missed. Through this fundraiser, his memory will make a difference for so many living with Cystic Fibrosis; specifically his cousins, my siblings, Abby (24) and Jake (21). Continued funding helps sustain the incredible momentum we've seen in medical advances. Finding a cure for CF would afford Abby and Jake more time and health to continue to live their lives with the spontaneous, adventurous spirit Joe modeled for them. Please consider making a donation. We hope to see you at one of Joe's remembrance events FL: OCTOBER 21, 5-9pm Casa Tina Restaurant, Dunedin NH: NOVEMBER 15, 2-6pm, Firefly Restaurant, Manchester NY: Unfortunately, to keep everyone safe and healthy we are going to have to cancel the New York celebrations

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