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In Memory of Marcy

Created by Amber Jarreau

Marcy Pinsky

Before I even met my best friend, he had a best friend... and also the love of his life. Though I never got a chance to meet her, by the way he described her to me, she was an amazing mother, girlfriend and all around genuinely kindhearted person who had a passion for life and everything in it. Even though her life was taken by Cystic Fibrosis, she left an imprint in this world that I know will never be forgotten by her family, friends and loved ones. One of her hobbies she enjoyed in life was to craft. She truly had a talent in creating beautiful pieces of jewelry that I would like to try and keep going in her honor. Any funds that I receive from the jewelry/trinket sales, I will be placing into this fund and will be donated to the Baton Rouge Chapter for CF research and or families in need of any type of financial assistance. I have always been a firm believer that everything happens for a reason whether good nor bad and that even just the tiniest bit of help in making this world and the people in it a little better can go a long way. You donation can make a difference!

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