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In memory of Peter Meszoly

Created by Joanne Meszoly

Peter T. Meszoly: 1943-2019

In lieu of flowers, to honor my father, Peter Meszoly, please consider donating to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. There's no fundraising goal or minimum associated with this link. We appreciate any contribution -- regardless of the amount -- because every dollar makes a difference.

This was Mom's idea and a good one at that. In the words of Robin, "The greatest way to honor Pete, is to look toward the future."

Dad would have liked that.

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Recent Donations

1. JPJerry P. Peppers
In memory: Peter Meszoly, friend and respected classmate.
2. ?Anonymous
Please let Robin Meszoly know that this donation has been made in memory of her husband, Peter. Thank you NC
3. PBPatricia And Steven Brenner
In honor and memory of Peter Meszoly. (Also contributed directly through employer giving website to get 100% match for that donation.)
4. JSJudy Sarasohn
In honor of and memory of Peter Meszoly.
5. TKTibor Keler
6. YCYong-Duk, Mary, Ian, Sean Chyun
In fond memory of Peter and warm thoughts for Robin, Joanne, and grandchildren. Yong-Duk, Mary, Ian, Sean
7. mkMatthew Koll
In memory of Pete Meszoly
8. LWLiz & Tom Wehr
Privileged fun to know Pete and to enjoy his warmth, curiosity, and wit.
9. ESEvance Stalley
10. DLDavid Lautenberger
Thanks, Peter, for sharing your witticisms and humanity.
11. ?Anonymous
12. JDJudith Dalaba
With love and sorrow, Judith
13. KKKathy Keler
With love and condolences to Pete's family, he will be in our hearts always.
14. EFEniko Fokos
Thinking of you Jo, Robin and grand children with love Robert and Ency
15. VCVerdence Capital Advisors
Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. All the best, your Verdence Family.
16. EHEric Holmberg
In memory of Pete Meszoly
17. TSTerri Shaw
In memory of Pete
18. CTCharles Tiedemann
In memory of Peter Meszoly
19. SWSusan Waldrop
In memory of Peter Meszoly
20. JBJoan Biskupic
With thoughts of Robin, Joanne, Brynn, and sympathy for Pete's passing