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Created by Angela Romano

In Memory of Katie Wilson

Katie's niece, Natalie, suffers from Cystic Fibrosis and it's a cause that Katie frequently supported. To honor Katie's memory, we are raising funds to support the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the search for a cure. Please consider making a donation in memory of our friend, Katie. Your support will help make a difference for all those with CF and their families. Thank you!

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Recent Donations

1. ?Anonymous
2. KAKim Anna Antol
In memory of Katie Wilson
3. VHValerie Heil
Much love to you and your family.
4. LGLinda Galla
5. HMHeather McAdam
We love you all so very much. Katie was a light and special soul and she will be missed beyond measure. All our love, Mike, Heather, Maisie & Emily
6. JSJolyn And Jim Scully
7. AMAK Steel Melt Shop
8. CSChris Simpson
9. ATAimee & Ron Tokarski
10. ?Anonymous
We are donating this in honor of Katie, daughter of Ray and Mary Ann. You are all in our thoughts and prayers. Your Passavant APS/PACU Family.
11. MGMaureen Gillespie
for Katie
12. CSChuck Santistevan
Katie was our first official customer via Modcloth. She had the kindest smile, great sense of humor, and she always got a Bean and cheese burro and a jar of Nana's hot sauce. We were blessed to see her at a pop up in March just before lockdown. She was lovely and kind as always. Such a light in the world and an inspiration to do kindnesses whenever possible. In this spirit we are honored to donate to the charity closest to Katie's kind heart. Much love to those missing her light.
13. SLSkip And Joy Lancaster
Lifting you all in our thoughts and prayers.
14. CBCarol Bingaman
Rayetta told me about the loss of your daughter. I am so sorry. She was a beautiful young woman. Your husband is my 1st cousin. My dad was Joseph Wilson.
15. JPJena Piscitelli (Ferguson)
In memory of Katie. She was an amazing person and I was honored to have known her.
16. BWBrenda Walter-MacGregor
I am making this donation because this was a cause so important to Katie; she was the sweetest human and I want to help something that was important to her.
17. SKSusan And Eric Koger
So grateful that we had a chance to get to know you Katie. You will be greatly missed.
18. JOJacqueline ONeill
19. SKStephanie Knebel
in memory of Katie Wilson
20. JPJoAnn Pantages
21. FMFrank & Libby Milsak
22. SAScott And Linda Ashworth
A gift to honor the memory of Katie Wilson.
23. TWTracey Weifenbaugh
In memory of Katie Wilson.
24. CGChristine Guthrie
Katie brought so much joy and laughter to everyone around her. She was loving and caring to others. We will miss Katie, but our memories of Katie will always bring us a smile. She will forever be a part of the Guthrie clan and will always have a place in our heart.
25. KHKristen Hastings
In honor of Katie, may she rest peacefully. My deepest sympathy πŸ™πŸ’›
26. LMLinda And Randy Musser
Our support to CFF in memory of Katie.
27. MCMegan Crouse
28. JTJade To
Honoring Katie <3
29. DSDiane Sabol
In memory of Katie Wilson
30. ?Anonymous
31. JDJan And Dave Dineff
32. MKMary Keib
33. KTKaren, Jay, Jake And Jessie The Colosimo's
34. PWPolly Will
35. LGLynda Germano
We need a cure πŸ™
36. JJim and Cheryl Sumser
What a wonderful way to honor Katie's memory. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers.
37. LSLaura And Steve Seeley
We’re so sorry for your loss. This is a beautiful way to honor Katie. Our thoughts are with you all.
38. JLJohn Lynch
In memory of Katie
39. STSherry & Gary Torick
Our thoughts and prayers are with the Wilson family.
40. JLJim And Marian Linton
41. JDJen DiSanti
In memory of Katie <3
42. CSCheryl & Fred Samson
In Memory of Katie
43. BGBill And Diane Grossman
For Katie and Natalie. 🌟
44. BBob and Linda Fryman
In loving memory of Katie πŸ‘Ό
45. DDebbie & Mike Loreski
Jamie - Our thoughts are with you and your family in your time of sorrow.
46. CKChuck&Joyce Koval
Our prayers are for a cure
47. HHarry & Judy Green
48. GBGary, Kate & Lyla Burge
We are so very sorry for your loss.
49. JSJudy And Mark Stewart
Grateful to be able to show our love and support for the Wilson family in memory of Katie. A small thing but comes with prayers and love.
50. MPMelissa Pavlowsky
In memory of Katie.
51. KBKim Burke
52. WSWes And Nancy Shipley
Our thoughts and prayers to the Wilson family and hope these donations help those with CF
53. LJLaura Jenkins
54. EPEmily Page
In memory of Katie Rae. πŸ˜‡
55. NNick & Liane Fritch
56. DBDonna Barron
In loving memory of Katie Wilson
57. SRSarah Renfrew
A beautiful way to honor a beautiful woman <3
58. KAKevin Allen
59. MMike and Tina Bergonzi
60. KBKelly And Jason Batts
In loving memory of Katie Wilson who we will miss dearly and who loved her neices and nephews.
61. RLRachel Leist
In loving memory of Katie
62. TSTaten Soltis
For Katie 🀍
63. JSJoseph Suders
64. LLisa Costa and Joan Van Lenten
65. BMBill McQuaide
66. CKChris Koontz
67. RGRegina Gallo
68. SRSimone Roadman
69. BBBrenda Brown
We will keep your fight for Natalie going in your memory and love sweet Katie
70. MMMeredith Milsak
In loving memory of Katie Wilson πŸ’•
71. MRMichelle Reich
72. CACAP Glass Allentown LLC.
73. JVJohn & Eleanor Van Lenten
74. JGJoyce And Don Gindlesperger
In loving memory of Katie Wilson, whose courage and grace will shine on. β™₯
75. JSJennifer Suit
76. JMJoe And Brittany Maker
In loving memory of Katie Wilson
77. AFAllison Franks
78. ALAbby Linton
79. ALAngel Lamonaca
80. LNLindsay Namuth
In loving memory of Katie Wilson. There will truly never be anyone like you! πŸ’˜
81. SVSiobhan Vinton
82. JOJohn & Betsy Olinski
In loving memory of beautiful and witty Katie.
83. ALAllen Lu
84. JJohn, Heather, Carter, and Caroline Ottena
85. PKPatricia Koerbel
In loving memory of Katie Wilson. You will be sadly missed ❀️
86. KCKerri Cummings
87. ?Anonymous
88. RRRobert And Sarah Renfrew
In loving memory of Katie Wilson
89. SMSara Mcclelland
90. RKRichard Kenzie
In loving memory of dear sweet Katie. May God keep her safe in His loving arms, until you meet again.
91. MTMo Tamilia
For Katie <3
92. SRScott Ross
93. CSCorrie Schoffstall Jackson
My deepest sympathies for your loss. Your family is in my thoughts.
94. MLMatthew Long
We love you Katie. Thank you for so many great memories.
95. ADAaron Doctor
Cheers, Katie. <3
96. NWNoelle Widdowson
97. RFRachael Fogle
98. JSJennifer Schaffnit
99. JBJason Barbour-Roberts
100. APAlexa Pilarski
101. ARAnna Reinhard
102. ECEmily Cardillo
103. HAHilarie Alberico
104. TMTim Moik
105. CSChristian Sullivan
106. ABAshley Boone
107. ACAlyssa Catalano
108. MJMary Joseph
109. EREvan Richards
110. ECErin Corbett
111. AAndy and Emily
112. LVLacey Volk
113. SPSarah Paul
114. MWMelanie Wieland
In the honor of a beautiful lady, Katie Wilsonβ™₯️