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In memory of Jennings Worley

Created by Jamie Weissburg

Jamie Weissburg

In lieu of flowers, the Worley family has asked that memorial donations be made to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation San Diego Chapter

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Recent Donations

1. TThe Sih Family
So sorry to hear this news. My daughters Jennifer and Caroline and I enjoyed spending time with Jennings, Terry, Lauren, and Alex years ago, around the Black Mountain Dance Center/Southern California Ballet. It gives us great joy to remember this lovely person. --Julie Sih
2. LCLawrence Cerrito
3. NQNatalie Quijada
4. ?Anonymous
5. ?Anonymous
6. EEllen and John Dagenhart
In memory of our dear friend, so his work may continue.
7. NSNorman Sachs
In memory and honor of Jennings Worley. Our heartfelt condolences to his family. Hoa and Norman.
8. MBMaggie Y Carlos Bello
In memory of our dear cousin Jennings our deepest condolences to Terry, Alex and Lauren. Wonderful husband, father, friend, cousin and human being you will be dearly missed. ❤️
9. AWAaron Williams
Jennings was an excellent mentor and an even better human being. It was truly a privilege to work with him... he’s the only other person I’ve met who enjoyed 7am science discussions! My sincere condolences to the Worley family and to Vertex.
10. DADouglas Anna
In memory of Jennings "Buddy" Worley. With love, Doug & Kara Anna
11. UGUrsula Germann
In memory of Jennings Worley, an outstanding scientist and an incredibly caring team mate. I am most grateful for so many pleasant and exciting professional interactions with Jennings years ago to advance drug discovery research at Vertex. My heartfelt sympathies to the Worley family and all of Jennings‘s loved ones. Jennings will continue to live in our hearts forever.
12. CMChristopher Mathes
13. ?Anonymous
14. ?Anonymous
15. NNaval Family
In memory of Jennings Worley
16. WCWeichao Chen
In memory of Jennings Worley, a dear colleague and friend.
17. BMBranislava Mitrovic
in loving memory of my friend and colleague Jennings Worley
18. WMWilliam Markland
I was a colleague of Jennings from Boston Vertex. He was very instrumental in helping me establish a High-throughput lab in Boston, being very generous with his time. I had met Jennings many times over the years and considered him a friend as well as a colleague. His work in the CF drug discovery field at SD Vertex was essential to the CF drugs in the market today. I only found out about Jennings death the other day (being retired) and was truly shocked by the news. I send my deep condolences to Jenning's family and to the wider Vertex family.
19. RARichard Allegra
20. BBBrian Bear
To a wonderful husband, father and scientist. You will be missed my friend. The Bear Family
21. JMJanice Miller
In loving memory of Jennings and in honor of the Worley family.
22. LJLicong Jiang
In memory of Jennings Worley. My heartfelt condolences to the family.
23. BBBart Borek
In honor of Jennings Worley, an amazing scientist and person, always offering his smile and helping hand.
24. OMOwen McManus
In memory of Jennings Worley.
25. SRSteve Rees
A great scientist and person and I will hugely miss our annual catch-up at the SLAS meeting. Your legacy in science will live on.
26. KVKent And Sheila Vrana
Donation in memory of our dear friend Jennings
27. DADavid Altshuler
We will always be grateful for Jenning's contributions to CF, and to Vertex.
28. KSKaren Sylvester
In loving honor of my dear friend Jennings and great scientist. The Sylvester Family
29. STSteve And Judy Thomson
In memory of Jennings Worley. A fantastic scientist, colleague and friend.
30. BBiosero
Dr. Jennings Worley was dedicated to making an impact in the world through his dedication to scientific research. Dr. Worley did just that in regards to CF and was an inspiration to all of us who had the pleasure of working with him. All of us at Biosero send our condolences to the company, those that knew him and his family.
31. PNPaul Negulescu
To a great scientist and a better friend. The Negulescu Family
32. NNadeen & Nader Haddad
In memory of Jennings Worley. Our deepest condolences to the Worley family.
33. ?Anonymous
This donation is on behalf of Beacon Building Products South Division
34. ERElizabeth Ryu
In memory of Jennings, an amazing colleague who will be very much missed. My deepest condolences to the Jennings family.
35. ?Anonymous
36. WWellwerts Family
Our deepest condolences, in memory of Jennings Worley
37. BSBill Saunders
Jennings and the entire family were great neighbors and friends in Durham and I am so sorry about what happened. Thanks to him for his work at Vertex to support meds for my son Bishop and others with cystic fibrosis. Love to the Worley family!
38. GLGrachelle Lorenzana
39. BPBrian Phenix
40. MFMark Feliciano
I am donating and supporting this fundraiser because my sister and her boyfriend were shocked and upset to hear about the unexpected death of the uncle and showed my 100% remorse to the grieving family of a close loved one.
41. EPEmily Palma
Our deepest condolences to the Worley and Vertex Family. Forever in our hearts! ~Corning Life Sciences Team
42. SLSarah Luchansky
I am donating to advance the efforts towards a cure for CF in memory of Jennings Worley.
43. SSSubi Subramanian
44. RHReva Harris
45. DBDaryn Berger
46. ESElam Savariar
In memory of Jennings
47. MAMarcela Alomia
Our deepest condolences to the Worley and Vertex Family. Forever in our hearts! Corning Life Sciences Team
48. JGJeremy Green
In memory of Jennings.
49. BFBeth Fleck
In memory of Jennings Worley, a great scientist dedicated to helping patients
50. ?Anonymous
51. SCStephen Capuzzi
In memory of Jennings Worley
52. MVMichelle Vasconcelos Kraus
In memory of Jennings Worley. You will be tremendously missed.
53. MJMac Johnson
In memory of Jennings Worley, a tireless Scientist and great friend to the CF community.
In honor of Jennings, who was an amazing scientist and mentor. You pushed me to be a better, more complete researcher, while always offering me your support and guidance whenever I asked.
55. MBMichael Brodney
In memory of Jennings, an amazing friend and colleague
56. EGEdward Garcia
So sorry to hear about Jenning's passing. Although we never met him, the outpouring of love and admiration for him shows what a special person he was. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Cousin Ed and Chris Garcia
57. KSKimberly Straley
58. MBMark Bunnage
In memory of Jennings Worley, an amazing scientist and wonderful colleague who will be greatly missed.
59. JWJames Westcott
In memory of Jennings - you will be missed.
60. JJeremy Clemens and family
In memory of Jennings.
61. AAngela and Bill Kemnitzer
In memory of Jennings Worley, the best mentor I could have had. He shaped and changed my and many other lives forever. Jennings created this family culture and environment at Vertex and it has brought out the best in us. I know in the future we will be able to share Jennings stories without tears and sadness but with fondness and laughter. We will never forget you and am sending all our love to Terry, Alex and Lauren.
62. MBMordecai Blaustein
In memory of Jennings Worley, Ph.D.
63. KSKevin & Sandra Staymates
Our hearts and prayers go out to the entire Worley family. May God comfort all of you and give you peace during this challenging time.
64. BBrian and Ronnie Johnstone
Donated in memory of Jennings, a wonderful friend.
65. ?Anonymous
66. BCBenjamin Chittick
In memory of Jennings Worley
67. LHLisa Hemmer
In loving memory of my cousin Jennings Worley.
68. MKMelissa Krummel
I’m so sorry Terry and family. I’m so saddened to hear this news. What an incredible individual. I wish you strength and love and healing wishes.
69. LOLori Oswalt
In loving memory of my childhood friend Jennings. May his memory be a blessing to all who knew and loved him.
70. KMKim Moore
In memory of Jennings Worley. Thank you for your commitment to making others lives better.
71. MTMartha Taylor
Jennings thank you for working so hard with vertex -truly have changed lives -remember your family in hestherwood with the kids running the neighborhood
72. DSDalia Enis Sanchez
In memory of the great contributions by Jennings Worley. Thank you for your work and contributions to this cause . I also want to thank you for loving my cousin and your family the way you did.
73. MGMichael Garcia
For a loving husband and father who used his God-given talents to make this world a better place through his efforts and generosity.
74. SBSophion Bioscience
In honor of Jennings Worley, an outstanding scientist and important contributor to the field of electrophysiology.
75. AFAl & Lisette Frevola
In loving memory of Jennings Worley.
76. JSJames Sinclair
Peace my friend; was a blessing to have known you.
77. HFHeather Farr
You were a one of a kind, Dr. Worley and will be greatly missed by those of us who have had the pleasure of knowing you.
78. JJavier and Tina Flores
In memory of Jennings Worley
79. BBob
80. PMPatrick Mendonca
Our hearts go out to the Worley family
81. BKBruce Krueger
82. ?Anonymous
83. ?Anonymous
In memory of Jennings Worley. You'll be missed.
84. NKNatalia Kan
Jennings you lived and worked with sense of urgency and motivated all of us to do the same for patients.
85. JHJohn Harman
In honor of Jennings, we already miss you dearly.
86. KSKirk Schroeder
One of the nicest guys you could ever meet. Very rare for someone to have had such a positive impact on so many people. I will miss him as a colleague and friend. My sympathies to Terri, Lauren and Alex.
87. JJJP Johnson
Jennings was a great friend and mentor. I'm forever grateful for his late afternoon counseling sessions.
88. ?Anonymous
In memory of Jennings Worley
89. CLCynthia Lodestro
It’s hard to say goodbye to a part of our West Virginia family. We hold onto loving memories with you and the family. Lost, never forgotten. The Heldestros love you.
90. ECEvert & Flo Cannon
In loving memory of our nephew Jennings Franklin Worley III. We have wonderful memories of you that will remain in our hearts forever.
91. CFCory Fecko
92. JWJennings & Pauline Worley
This gift is in loving memory of our son Jennings Franklin Worley III. Although our hearts are breaking we do this for you Son.
93. RGRaffaella Gesuete
94. TThe MacGowan Family
In loving tribute to Jennings Worley and his dedicated work to help those challenged with living with CF. In addition, we will miss Jennings dedication and love he gave behind the scenes, too. To Terry, Alex and Lauren, much love and support.
95. TLThe Larses Family Larses
In light and loving memories. We are with you always in all ways. ❤️ Lars-Erik & Gabriella Camilla & Helena
96. GGiolitto Family
In memory of Jennings Worley
97. ARAlex And Rhina Rubio
RIP Jennings! May you continue to watch over your family. You left a great legacy.
98. BRBrenda Reilly
In memory of Jennings Worley III.
99. VRVictoria Raemy
To keep Jennings' legacy going.
100. LLLisa And Bill Learning
To Terry, Alex, Lauren and the entire Worley family: Sending our love and deepest sympathy as we remember an amazing man. May there be comfort in knowing that someone as special as Jennings will never be forgotten and will remain in our hearts forever. We will cherish even more they many great memories of fun times spent together in NC.
101. BLBrett, Julie, And Emma Litoff
In memory or Jennings. May his memory be a blessing.
102. ?Anonymous
In memory of Jennings Worley
103. BLBeverly Long
In loving memory of Jennings Worley, a gentleman and a gentle man. You will be greatly missed but always remembered.
104. PBPaolo Beuzer
Rest in Peace, King of the beach
105. VGVandana Gupta
In memory of Jennings Worley. Amazing scientist and colleague. He will be missed tremendously at Vertex.
106. SStanley
107. CSCamil Sayegh
In honor of Jennings Worley, a fantastic scientist and colleague.
108. CLClaudia Long
In loving memory of Jennings Worley With love, Kyle and Christie Long
109. ?Anonymous
In Memory of Jennings Worley
110. HBHattie Bleeker
I am so incredibly sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you and your family ❤️ Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you guys in any way.
111. KKevin, Vicky, Marissa, Zachary, Matthew, Ben and Elise
There are so many great things to say about you Jennings. So many lives that you touched in so many ways. To us though, your greatest contribution will always be to this family. The love and respect that we all shared. The great times we had and the memories that will carry on forever. We are all better and stronger because of you. You will forever be know as a great big Brother and Uncle. Till we’re together again.
112. FRFiona Randall
In memory of Jennings Worley, to say thank you for all you did for my friend Ellie and for all those living with CF. Thoughts are with your family and friends at this sad time. I hope all will be comforted by the impact you made for so many.
113. SWSyndee Wood
In honor of Jennings Worley.
114. AAshvani
The Singh family will miss you Hennings...... You were one of the best mentor I ever had - we all will miss you. Wish nothing but the very best for your lovely family. Lots of love to Terry, Lauren, Alex and the beautiful Worley family.
115. LMLaura Marck
116. LSLotta & Robin Sabouri
CF is close to our hearts
117. SMSilvia Michelazzi
In memory of Jennings Worley, I am heartbroken. He will be forever missed; nothing will be the same at Vertex. My thoughts are with his family, friends and colleagues, may you be comforted by the outpouring of love around you
118. JSJoel Schulman
In memory of Jennings - you will be greatly missed my colleague and friend.
119. MMatt and Cindy Shoemaker
Jennings loved his work and his family and he made such a positive difference in the lives of so many people with CF and their families. He will be greatly missed.
120. JLJuan Lopez
To a good man and even better father.
121. FBFrancoise Berlioz-Seux
In memory of Jennings who by his passion and innovation helped so many CF patients. His love and pride for his family were heartwarming. He is greatly missed. My condolences to his family and friends.
122. ?Anonymous
123. LBLaura Baker
In loving memories of my friend, "Buddy" Jennings Worley! There's a huge hole in this world now.
124. KYKatrina Young
My son not only worked with Jennings as an intern, but has greatly benefitted from the research he dedicated over 16 years of his life’s work. On behalf of my family and CF families everywhere, we express our most heartfelt condolences to his family. Jennings leaves a remarkable legacy behind in his remarkable work that literally has changed the lives of so many. Please know we hold all of his loved ones in our hearts and send our love and prayers to his family and friends.
125. JGJudith Garcia
In memory of Jennings Worley. Our love and hearts to Terry, Alex and Lauren and family. Our deepest condolences. We love you all. Love Nirza Algeciras, Juan Algeciras and Judith Algeciras-Garcia.
126. PDPierre Drapeau
In memory of Dr. Jennings Worley, colleague and friend.
127. MHMatt Herman
In memory of our friend and colleague, Jennings Worley. Gone but will never be forgotten.
128. WGWilliam Good
129. JMJanet Martin
In memory of Jennings Worley.
130. SFSarah Fox-Greer
Our hearts are broken at Vertex.
131. DWDan And Tina Worley
My Big Brother was a great person that worked very passionately to help make a difference in the lives of Cystic Fibrosis patients. Tina's sister has had a daughter with CF that is now 29 years old.