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James Watson Memorial Page

Created by Shelley Tijerina

James Watson

As tribute to James, his family and friends have created a place where his memory will continue living. James was a person who, in his own words, was "indestructible". Filled with optimism, perseverance and strength beyond compare, James overcame many challenges in life. His memory will continue in the hearts of those he touched and the gift of life he continues to give as he moves on to the next place in his journey. In an effort to continue the much needed clinical research and work that gifted James the breath of life, we are creating a page to continue research support for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the search for a cure. Please consider making a donation today. Your support will help make a difference for all those with CF and their families. Thank you!

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1. TThe Churchley Family
2. DDiana & Lauren Gilley
You always were the best and brightest of all of us. You better have a running tally of all the hot chocolates you’ve collected for when we meet again. I miss you, kiddo. —Lo
3. CMChrisi McGlone
Sorry for your loss, James was and still is an inspiration.
4. CMCindy McDow
5. ABAli Bolshoun
In loving memory of James.
6. KMKimberly McDow
7. EKErin Kahle
James Watson - you were a total badass and yet so sweet! We first met at the 2006 US Transplant Games in Louisville when you crashed the NKF staff party. You were fiercely competitive and lived life to the fullest with your double lung transplant. You always called me "kiddo" even though you weren't that much older than me. I was lucky to meet Shelley and your mom at other Games events and see you at other NKF meetings. Family was everything to you. We even got to have some fun! You wore a Penguins jersey to a Flyers game and didn't get the snot beaten out of you like we thought you would. You had a second double lung transplant not too long ago and though I haven't seen you in many years, you haven't been far from my thoughts. Your son is beyond lucky to have witnessed your strong will and warm heart. Sending love to your family. Take it easy, kiddo.
8. MGMolly Goldsmith
I love you James!
9. LLLaura Lindenlaub
In honor of James Watson, the most courageous person I have ever met.
10. MMMegan Miles
James was one of the most selfless and generous people I know. It is an honor to know him, call him my cousin, and give back as much love as he has poured out to me and others. I will be going above and beyond out of my way to invite people to donate to the CF Foundation. Thank you James for having such a fun spirit and kind demeanor when we were kids, and growing up to be one of most favorite people to spend quality time with throughout the years. Your spirit lives on, your heart is with me, and I salute and celebrate your life everyday! Extended love and support goes out to Shelley, Alec, Victoria, and all of my Colorado family and friends. Much love, Megan