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Socially Distanced Make-Believe Tea

Created by Peggy Reitz

This Year's Virtual Fundraiser

Many of you dear friends have been loyal supporters of my annual “Make-Believe Mother’s Day Tea.” Obviously, this year is different in many ways. Because printing and supplies were hard to come by, I’m launching a “Socially Distanced Make-Believe Tea” as a new way to support the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF) and my son David.

It’s been a very good year, mainly because David was able to start taking Trikafta – a medicine you helped develop by supporting the CFF. Last October, the big announcement came, “Today marks a tremendous breakthrough and exciting news for people with cystic fibrosis. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Trikafta™ … more than 90 percent of people with CF could eventually have a highly effective therapy for the underlying cause of their disease.” (For more information, go to: It’s tremendous for David – he’s gained more than 20 much-needed pounds and his lung capacity (PFTs) are the highest in years. But this still isn’t a real cure.

Until a cure is found, with the support of his amazing wife Kristen and precocious, almost-5-year-old Nora and oh-so 2-year-old Claire, David will continue his twice-daily sessions of physical therapy, inhalations and countless medications that help prevent persistent lung infections that limit his ability to breath. Your 100% tax-deductible donation will help keep Nora and Claire’s Daddy healthy. We deeply appreciate your support.

With appreciation,
Grandma Peggy Reitz

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Recent Donations

1. LKLinda Kiracibasi
2. EElizabeth Martin
Donation in honor of my dear friend “Grandma Gigi” Elizabeth Martin’s Birthday. Miss you my friend! 🎂
3. JKJudy And Steve Kinnard
4. TTerrance and Virginia Holt
5. SSSusan Swartz
6. MWMargaret Walter
7. EKEvan And Nicole Kirkwood
Let's help find a cure! Love you, Reitz Family!
8. ?Anonymous
9. DJDiane Jessen
David, your girls are adorable! Chris also has 2 girls and Brian has 3 boys.
10. TTom & Bridget Frank
11. PLPatti Lawler
Happy Belated Mother's Day Peggy!
12. JMJoy Murawski
13. KKarin and Karl Palasz
14. BPBarbara Ruck Pavicic
We’ll have a cuppa in your honor! Sending your beautiful family lots of love. Barb and Nikola
15. TFTeri Filipiak
Keep up the good work, and happy belated Mother’s Day!
16. MLMimi Lutwak
Happy to continue supporting the research!
17. BFBarbara Fox
18. LTLiz And Fritz Thomas
19. SGSusan Gaud
20. MMMary Alice And Craig Miller
Wishing all the best to David and all your family
21. SShawn Baker and Jeff Naylor
Sending love to you guys!
22. BBetsy Landes and Barry Levenstam
Best wishes to David and the whole family.
23. EWEileen Wendt
24. LALeanne Kleinmann, Andy And Tomas Alsenas
So happy for David--let's keep going to a cure!
25. BBrendan & Stephanie Reitz
26. Peggy Reitz