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Created by Zachary Pancoast


Thank you so much for making a donation to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. This year, I am doing an online benefit to celebrate the advancements made in the fight against Cystic Fibrosis. My sister, Abbie, is a CF patient and has fought this terrible disease for 42 years. Today, thanks to hard work, discipline and wonderful modern medicine (as a result of generous donations from people like you), Abbie and others like her are doing the best they have ever done. New medicines are being developed every day that are truly changing the face of CF. I can't begin to tell you how important these new medicines and advancements have been to the CF community and I can't begin to thank you enough for helping. Until It's Done! Zach

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1. AJAaron Johnson
2. ?Anonymous
Sorry I was unable to attend benefit
3. JSJohn Spanos
4. MCMatt Cardoni
5. NBNicholas Burkemper
6. KAKari Aiello
7. Zachary Pancoast
8. JLJeffrey Linihan
9. JSJohn Siefert
10. JEJames Eason
11. GCGhlee Cozad
12. ASAshley Smith
13. JBJeff Berg
14. JMJulie Marganthaler
15. RCRandall Crompton
16. RRRachel Roman
17. NKNikoleta Kolovos
Wishing your family all the best, Nickie and Doug
18. BSBen And Abby Sgro
19. MGMichael Grubb
20. JGJoel Green
Sorry we cannot attend. Have fun and keep up the good work.
21. AMAndrea McNairy
22. WBWylie Blair
23. ALAlice Lookofsky
24. CDCorra Dunigan
25. JKJennifer & Chris Kuhn
26. ?Anonymous
27. EMEileen And Matt McKeon
28. KWKara Whalin
29. HFHaarmann Family
30. KWKimberly Weas
31. ZZZevan Davidson Roman Zevan Davidson Roman
Sorry that we are unable to attend. Best of luck with fundraising, hoping for a cure!
32. ASAaron Small
33. DVDevon Vincent
34. mrMark Rubin
35. BFBradley Foss
36. lsLyndon Sommer
37. CHChris And Kristen Hite
38. KJKaren Jackson-Furman
Sorry we aren't able to make the event.
39. DWDeborah Weaver
On behalf of Debbie Weaver and Alaris Litigation Services
40. jlJames Long
41. TLTrisha Lollo
Keep up the great work Zach! On behalf of all people with CF and their families!
42. AVAislinn Vaughan
Sorry I can’t make the event, but happy to help
43. SLShaun Lieser
44. TPThomas Parmelee
Hoping every dollar will result in a cure for this horrible disease!
45. KDKathy Doan
46. TRTarun Rana
47. ?Anonymous
48. Zachary Pancoast
Until it's done!