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VT's Tri for a Cure!

Created by Chris Van Tiem

Welcome to my 2021 donation page!

Dear Family & Friends of the Chicago VTs,

WE. ARE. BACK. While it’s been a few years since the Chicago VTs organized our annual fundraiser in support of the CF Foundation (CFF), I assure you CFF has been hard at work! In 2019 a landmark treatment, Trikafta, was approved by the FDA – this treatment corrects a mutation that affects >90% of the CF population. I’m humbled and grateful that I’ve been on Trikafta for a year and a half, and am healthier than ever - I felt the drug working only hours after my first dose, and I knew that my life, and breathing, had changed forever. I, and thousands of others with CF, have donors like you to thank! With many more life-changing therapies on the horizon, your donations and CFF truly add tomorrows every day!

As most of you know, exercise has played a critical role in my therapy and journey as a CFer. This year, in honor of CF Awareness Month, I challenge myself the best way I know how – to exercise every day for the month of May and cap the month with my biggest fitness challenge to date, an Olympic distance triathlon. I’ll document my journey, and encourage you to follow along and join in!

I ask for your donation in support of the life-changing work CFF does every day. For years CFF has been an example for similar charitable organizations as it consistently scores 90+ (out of 100) in financial stewardship, accountability & transparency, so you can donate in confidence that your contribution will be put to good use in improving the lives & outcomes of those affected by CF.

Thank you, all, for your continued support! Now, hit that donate button, and share the link far and wide – let's get to work!

Love you all!


Day 7: Strength training + stretching

Day 6: Yoga


Day 5: 20 mile bike + 4.3 mile run


Day 4: Strength training + stretching


Day 3: 5.5 mile walk w/ weight vest + yoga/stretching

Day 2: 1,500 yard swim + 23 mile bike

Day 1: 1,900 yard swim I'll swim for the 2,000 yard mark on my next long swim!

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Recent Donations

1. MKMaureen & Rick Kramer
2. KKara and Kris Chin
3. KTKatie Tipton
4. AVAlex Van Tiem
5. MMMark Miller
6. MVMichael Van Tiem
We love you! Keep up the great work - swim a few laps for me! :) Love Michael & Ashley
7. AKAdam Korte
Love you Buddy!
8. LGLindsey Garner
9. KMKent Miller
We love you Chris!
10. RMRon And Margaret MCCARTHY
11. CRColleen Rynn
We love you, Chris! Can't wait for your next tri in the Rocky Mountains ... :)
12. CMConnor McGee
13. THTom And Becky Hart
14. KHKathleen Hart
15. MVMary Jo Van Tiem
Mary Jo and Don Van Tiem Chris, You are such an inspiration to all of us and we love you!
16. JJo and Michael Magee
So proud of you Chris and so glad you are doing so well! The CFF does amazing work and we are happy to support them in finding new therapies and a CURE!!!
17. DVDennis Van Tiem
18. KFKaren Fischer
Chris,,your strength, perseverance, and dedication is a true inspiration. A more than worthy cause to help others with their many struggles and life altering disease.
19. TVThomas Van Tiem
20. SFScott Fischer
Love you Chris!
21. PMPatrick McCarthy
22. AZAnn & Dave Zygmontowicz
23. KLKathleen Lechy
24. AAlyssa and Tim McCarthy
25. ?Anonymous
26. JJake & Dani Douglas
27. CBCJ Baum
Congrats of training for the Tri! Glad to see you’re doing well!