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Marathon Fundraiser!

Created by Rachel Berry

Joe Mayer

A little over ten years ago, I lost my cousin Joe to Cystic Fibrosis. My family has remained committed to raising money and awareness for CF. For the past nine years, we have done a CF charity walk every summer as a memorial. That event did not happen this year, so our typical fundraising did not occur. I will be running a marathon in honor of Joe instead.

I was signed up to run the Detroit Marathon on October 18, 2020. Unfortunately, it has been cancelled, but I still intend on running it virtually. You can follow my training progress on Strava, and I will post a live stream of my run on the day of the race.

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1. MBMary Berry
We are so proud of you! We love you very much. - Mom & Dad
2. DBDJ Berry
Great job, Rachel! We cannot wait to see you tackle this awesome feat. Angela and I will be cheering you on each step of the way!
3. MKMary Kalhagen
We are so proud of you Rachel! What a great way to honor Joe. ❤️
4. KNKaren Niego
Good luck Rachel!
5. KGKathy George
Thanks for not giving up on doing this. It’s a great idea to figure out a way to remember Joe.
6. TBTimothy Berry
Better you than me, good luck
7. CMCandace McCutcheon
8. CTCristine Tancredi
Chuckle hut!
9. CBColleen Berry
Good Luck Rachel!
10. LMLaura Meath
You are amazing Rach ! I will be cheering for you and all the heroes who battle CF marathons daily !
11. CGCraig Gossman
Do pretty good Rachel
12. CSCamilo Schrader
Very glad you can keep up with this even in quarantine! I was always in awe of your keenness to give
13. LMLeslee Mayer
Run, Rachel, Run!!
14. SMStewart McCutcheon
Rachel, Good Luck with the run and I hope you win the race.
15. TMTim & Jen McCutcheon
God Bless you Rachel !!! Run like the wind (virtually) !
16. DMDavid And Kathy McCutcheon
Thank You Rachel.
17. JSJamie Steinberger
Good luck Rachel!
18. KMKely Mellott
Good Luck Rachel! Great cause 😊
19. ?Anonymous
20. KBKate Ball