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Created by Leonard Mckean


Hi I am Leonard McKean, a retired biology teacher, athletic Director and basketball coach. I have a major goal this summer of 2020. I plan on attending games in every one of the 30 Major League Baseball parks. The journey will consist of 6 segments each beginning and ending in my home town of Cissna, IL. The trip segments will include the Western Great Lakes (4) Eastern Great Lakes (4) Eastern Seabord Route (6), Southern Route(4), Texas Route (2) and Western Route (10). I estimate the total cost for this trip to be between $9,000 - $11,000. Whatever the final total is I will personally match that amount to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

CF is a genetic disease present at birth that causes difficulty in the body's ability to process certain mucus secretions. This leads to periodic bouts of distress in the functions of the digestive and respiratory systems. Approximately 1000 babies with CF are born in this country each year. Great advances have occurred in the last 60 years in extending lifespans fromm childhood to 40 years and beyond with specialized CF Care and treatments.

We have two grandchildren who have this disease. They are Autumn 7 and Kolton 3, the children of our daughter Amber and her husband Kyle.

Research indicated that a cure is possible. With your help we can continue to fight for a cure for CF! I am seeking your pledges of amounts to be multiplied by the 30 MLB parks that I will be visiting.

I will be distributing thousands of cards with this message all over the country. At the end of my travels in September I will mail to our donors a packet containing a detailed travelogue with photos of my experiences.

I am 75 and have diabetes, but I am otherwise in reasonably good health. I appreciate your time and consideration of a pledge to help find a cure for CF. Are you able to commit $1 x 30 parks = $30, $2 x 30 parks =$60, $3.33 x 30 parks =$100 or $5 x 30 parks = $150 or any amount that suites your budget? You and I can help change the lives of a whole lot of kids and young adults with this affliction.

Thanks for your interest = in MLB30forCF

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