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Lynn's Birthday Celebration

Created by Bryan Weil

Bryan Weil

We look forward to having you all to Lynn's Birthday Celebration at Alexana Winery on July 20th. Jody from Red Hills Market will be cooking up some amazing food from his vintage truck with a wood fired oven on the back, and we will have plenty of wine and drinks!

My name is Bryan Weil and I've been fortunate enough to have Lynn as my friend and mentor in the wine industry over the years. She's always been a great supporter of me, and now my family. Lynn and Ron's support has been even more amazing since our two year old daughter Claire was born and quickly diagnosed with cystic fibrosis right after birth. See a recent picture of Claire shown above.

Lynn is such a caring person and even on a day that is to celebrate her, she is always thinking of others. So on that note, Lynn has asked that in lieu of gifts, she would like to have friends donate to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. If that is something you'd like to do please use this celebration page to make that donation to the CFF. Thank you Lynn and Friends!

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1. RCRosemary Colliver
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Happy Birthday Lynn
4. CChris & Jill Hall
Happy Birthday, Lynn! xo Jill & Chris
5. FYFabian Yeager
We had the pleasure of meeting an inspiring family working through CF with a young child.
6. JPJeff Paustian
Happy Birthday Lynn!!
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