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Ken Grosse's Birthday Celebration

Created by Joe Ruhl

Samantha Grosse

Next Saturday Ken Grosse has invited many of his Indian Valley Country Club friends to celebrate his 90th birthday with him. I joined the club in 2003 and for whatever reason we had an influx of younger members join IVCC around that time. Kenny was in the middle of his run as president of the club and he dubbed us his “Freshman Class”. Well today the Freshman Class is getting a bit longer in the tooth, but we are honored to continue to carry the Freshman Class moniker and we are so excited to celebrate this milestone birthday with Kenny and all of you.

In classic Kenny style, he specifically asked in the invitation that we do not bring gifts to the party. Never a group that was good at following rules, we would like to show our appreciation to Kenny and all of his generosity to IVCC over the years. Knowing how much family means to Kenny, we thought what better way to show our love for him than to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in honor of his granddaughter Samantha Grosse who lost her battle with Cystic Fibrosis in 2009.

Through your generosity, we can all help to find a cure for cystic fibrosis. Contributions made to this fundraising page go to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s Annual Fund, which provide important, unrestricted resources that help develop new treatments and pursue every opportunity for promising research that can lead to a cure. Please consider making a gift today. Your support will help make a difference for all those with Cystic Fibrosis and their families. Thank you!

Joe Ruhl as spokesperson for the Freshman Class of IVCC

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1. DMDr. Phil Mandato
Ken, happy birthday! You are a great man, leader, mentor, and an example for all of us in the Indian Valley Community. You have a wonderful family that cares very deeply for you. Keep going forward one step at a time the way you always have and may you always walk closely with the Lord! God Bless and thank you. Sincerely, Phil and Jen Mandato
2. ECEarl Clevenstine
Happy Birthday Kenny
3. GTGreg Tomasic
4. RCRyan Cantwell
Happy Birthday to a man who has done so much for so many! Ryan & Julie Cantwell
5. MMark and Karen Cummins
Happy 90th to a great community leader. Thanks for all you have done. So glad you are my friend!
6. LBLinda Brooks
Peace and love always in memory of Samantha 😘
7. BRBernard Ryder
Happy Birthday Ken!!
8. HHayden and Jaggar Pardoe
Happy Birthday Mr. Grosse! Love Hayden and Jaggar Pardoe...We are!!!
9. BLBob Landis
Happy Birthday Ken.
10. MRMichael Robinson
11. DADon And Sharon Alderfer
Happy birthday Kenny! Many cheers to you and those wonderful 90 years. Love Don and Sharon Alderfer
12. DBDave Bradley
Happy Birthday Ken
13. JTJim Triantafilou
Happy 90th Birthday Kenny, we love you. Jim & Lois
14. RRRalph & Chari Richardson
In memory of Samantha Grosse.
15. JBJoann & Tony Bernardo
Kenny, You have so much love in your heart for so many especially your Sam. We give in honor of you who have set such an example to all of us! God bless you as we celebrate your 90th! We wish you many more. Love you!
16. SScott & Susan Bishop
Happy Birhtday Kenny wish you a great day and enjoy your party
17. DDDwight Dudas
Happy 90th Birthday Ken!!! Proud to call you a friend.
18. WSWilliam Schleif
19. RHRobert Harding
Happy 90th My Friend, we love you, Joe & Cesily
20. JPJohn And Elaine Portock
21. DYDavid Yeck
Happy 90th Birthday - Time to Party
22. RPRon Panner
Happy Birthday Ken.
23. SCScott And Diane Clemens
Happy birthday Ken. You’re the greatest!
24. PMPatrick McElwee
Ken , Have a great 90th celebration of your birthday !!! Pat & Debbie McElwee
25. KMKevin McGilloway
Happy Birthday Ken and many more!! Kevin and Eileen
26. ABAnthony Bernardo Wealth Planning
Thanks for the example you have set for all of this who know you.
27. GBGene Blank
Happy Birthday Ken 90 years. Many more Blessed years ahead.
28. TLTom And Joanne Lyons
Happy birthday, Kenny!!
29. EEllen & Ed Siegfried
Happy 90th Kenny! Love Ellen & Ed
30. CRCarol Rossmann
Happy Birthday Ken !!! Gary & Carol Rossmann
31. TTThomas Terry
Happy 90th birthday Ken! Tom & Linda Terry
32. JJerry & Sharon Berger
Such a generous way to celebrate your birthday, Ken!
34. RLRichard And Sandra Luoma
Happy Birthday Ken.
35. MMMichael Mirabella
Happy Birthday Ken! Mike & Karen
36. ?Anonymous
Happy birthday Ken. You are a special person. David & Kathleen
37. BSBill & Peggy Schmidt
Happy Birthday, Ken! 🎉💥🎂
38. JKJohn Keim
Happy birthday, Kenny!
39. pSP Gregory Shelly
happy birthday
40. GWGerard Wisla
Happy Birthday Ken! And Many More!!
41. KGKurt Given
Happy Birthday Ken! - Marie and Kurt
42. RWRobert Wardle
Happy Birthday Ken. Bob and Donna
43. JFJim & Sherri Fickenscher
44. SGStanley Geiger
Happy birthday Ken.
45. DZDave Ziegler
46. RSRobert Stawasz
Ken sorry we could not attend. Happy Birthday Bob & Kathy
47. BABill And Karen Aichele
Happy 90th Birthday Ken!
48. JCJon Clemmer
Happy Birthday Ken!
49. ESEdward Shearer
Happy Birthday my young friend
50. JDJohn D'Angelo
Ken Gross 90th birthday
51. dsDennis R Schlosser
52. RLRoss & Nancy Ludwick
53. COCraig ODonnell
54. JHJoe And Karen Hinderliter
55. ?Anonymous
56. ?Anonymous
57. Joe Ruhl
58. ?Anonymous