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Created by Grant Fletcher

Fresh Hope

Fresh Hope...that is the name of the painting in the photo on my page.
In 1985, I met a young person living with CF. Little did they know the effect, this would have on my life. I had the pleasure of working at a camp where those living with the disease could come for a week. This was before B. Cepacia would limit what they could do. Shortly after this, I had the opportunity to work for the CF Foundation. This is where the photo ties in to this story. The artist was so moved after attending a fundraising event, he would create custom rose paintings. More about this later.
I made a commitment in 2021 to run 2021 miles as a fundraiser for the CF Foundation. I also was just selected to be a participant in the 2021 Chicago Marathon. Since I did my first marathon as a fundraiser for another agency, I wanted this being my 10th marathon since 2014 to be for fundraiser for the research being done to finally make CF stand for Cure Found.
It is easy. Just click the link. In the spirit of 2021 could you make a donation of $20.21? Or make a donation of $65 dollars and I will share the full story behind the painting and the number 65.
Please consider making a gift today. Your support will help make a difference for all those with CF and their families. Thank you!

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