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Brogan's Birthday Fundraiser

Created by Carrie Anne Blevins

Cure for Massi

Brogan is celebrating his 10th birthday by having a fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis, dedicated to his friend, Massi.

Massi is our four year old friend who is living with this disease. He has to have multiple treatments every day and take extra precautions as he is at a higher risk for lung infections. Massi has endured more than most at such a young age. Despite his diagnosis, he is full of life, sweetness and spunk. He charms everyone he meets and deserves a future as bright as he is.

Currently, there is not a cure for this terrible disease. Please help us to raise awareness and funds for research and a cure so that Massi and kids like him can have a long and healthy future.

Please consider making a gift today. Your support will help make a difference for all those with CF and their families. Thank you!


Thank you to everyone that donated! We reach $2,500!


Brogan and Massi at their birthday party!


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Recent Donations

2. MMMick McLaughlin
Best of luck! Thanks for your efforts.
3. KSKristen Stensrud
4. PSPadmatheja Sarpavarapu
5. AIAmy And KC Irwin
6. DGDenise Galbraith
Great job Brogan! Very proud of you and thank yo! Dee
8. LJLuAnn Johnson
How can you resist that big smile?
9. ?Anonymous
10. KSKelly Slebodnik
Happy birthday, Brogan!
11. JJJessica Jose
Happy birthday from Gabrielle and Braden!!
12. dwDavid Wood
High fives to you Brogan and Happy Birthday. The happiest of people in the world are those who understand and hold close the joy enjoyed by supporting others. Keep up the great work of giving as it will pay you big dividends in your future.
13. ARAmy Rockefeller
Happy Birthday Broggie. Love and hugs, Amy and Rocky
14. ?Anonymous
Happy Birthday Brogan! We love you!
15. MPMarisa Pope
16. PPaula Lawson Barksdale & family
So happy to support Massi and his beautiful family.
17. JJane and Paul
18. SPStephanie Palmer
Happy Birthday!
19. CVCharlie Velasquez
20. RLRuss And Charlotte Lesser
21. JMJackson Miller
Happy Birthday Brogan 🥳🎂... we hope your birthday is as amazing as you and your buddy.
22. DVDonna Van Flein
23. TDThe Dulmage Family Dulmage
Happy Birthday, Brogan. Thanks for being such a kind and wonderful friend.
24. GDGina DeRosa
Happy Birthday, Brogan! We love Massi, too!
25. SSunset Theatre Company
What a kind idea Brogan. We love Massi, he's the sweetest!
26. DBDan Blevins
27. AHAmy Hutfless
This means so much. Love you guys!
28. LBLiz & Tom Bird
29. AMAmy Moore
Happy to help!
30. STSara Trivedi
Way to go Brogan!
31. TPTed Pascaru
Happy Birthday, Massi!!!!
32. BTBritta Traudt
33. CCoach Bobby
34. JJenn Auville
So happy to donate, way to go Brogan, and Happy Birthday!🎈🎉🎁🎂🎊 😊
35. JSJennifer Scanlan
36. PSPatricia And Chris Schmidt
37. ?Anonymous
Keep fighting - From Cayden Kahan.
38. BCBrian Casey
Happy Birthday Brogan! From Jake
39. DDiego Veglio
Happy Birthday Brogan!!! What a kind gesture for such a young boy! Hope you have a wonderful birthday day and celebration with your family and friends!
40. EBErik Barnett
What a great birthday gift idea. Happy Birthday Brogan! Go, Go, Go Massi The Barnetts - Tucker, Tessa, Erik and Lindsay Barnett
41. ?Anonymous
Good luck, Massi. You have a lot of people rooting for you!
42. JGJoanne Galin
43. PLPaige Lapen
44. HHHanif Haju
45. SSusan and Gordon Kiker
Happy birthday Brogan. Thank you for what you are doing for Massi and all those with CF. Wise beyond your years. Love, Mimi & Papa
46. EHErika Hall
What a great birthday celebration
47. CsCassie, Tim, Aiden & Marlee Standke
Happy Birthday, Brogan! We're so impressed and touched by your thoughtfulness and care for your friend. You're a wonderful young man, we're happy to know you, and love you lots. Have a fun day and a super year!!
48. SAStacey Armato
Thank you, Brogan, for your selfless gift to help Massi and others with Cystic Fibrosis. When we celebrate finding the cure someday soon, I'll proudly remember this moment and the part you played in helping make it happen. All the Armatos love you so much! Happy birthday!
49. IGIngrid Giedt
Happy Birthday Brogan ! What a wonderful thing you are doing with your fundraiser for Massi and all those affected with CF. You are an inspiration.
50. PSPatti And Kevin Sousa
I’m so inspired by your kindness! We are friends with Massi’s parents and hope your birthday fundraising is a great success!! Happy Birthday!!
51. SCSteve Collins
52. SCSona Coffee
Happy birthday Brogan! We haven’t met, but I’ve worked with your mom and your friend Massi’s mom and I am so touched by your efforts to raise funds for a cure to CF. You’re amazing and I hope you have a wonderful 10th birthday!! All the best, Sona
53. KMKieran Magee
54. DMDebbie McElderry
Brogan, This is such a special way to celebrate your 10th Birthday. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for doing this fundraiser for our sweet Massi! We hope you have an awesome birthday and you are amazing! Love, Rick and Debbie (Massi’s Grandparents)❤️❤️❤️
55. HHHanif Haji
56. Carrie Anne Blevins