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Rose's Senior Year = Annual Fund Goes Extra

D. Maurice Kreis

D. Maurice Kreis

I am so happy to be the dad of a healthy, active, successful, wise and funny almost-grown-up daughter who also happens to have cystic fibrosis. And the way I choose to share my delight is by asking you to join me in donating to the Annual Fund of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation -- the very best healthcare charity in the realm.

Rose turns 18 in November, which means she officially becomes an adult responsible for her own CF care. Though that's a bittersweet time for me, I know she makes this transition at a time when CF is on the brink of becoming a fully controllable medical condition.

Unfortunately, we aren't there yet -- especially for people like Rose who have so-called "rare and nonsense" CF mutations. The CFF is spending hundreds of millions of dollars on researching treaments that will help such patients. Meanwhile, I have been hearing too many stories for my taste about young adults with CF for whom a lung transplant is the reality. I'll be honest: I'm anxious and scared about that.

Rose is spending her summer doing dressage competitions (and training) and then in the fall she will be applying to college -- some impressive ones on her list! -- as she finishes her studies at the Putney School. Meanwhile, I will be pursuing glory by raising money for the CFF Annual Fund, thus hopefully doing right by my official title as Individual Giving Chair for the CFF Northern New England Chapter. We would be so grateful for your support!


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