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Frances Neary

Frances Neary

Finding a cure for Cystic Fibrosis is very close to my heart because of my close friend Levi. Since the last time I fundraised, life has completely changed for him. He has moved from Oslo, Norway to Stockholm, Sweden where he was invited and eager to join a trial with Vertex Pharmaceuticals at the Karolinska Hospital. Levi began his Kaftrio-Trikafta treatment in November 2022 and has been thriving since. This pioneering treatment has changed his life. His lung function is 97%, he is rarely sick, and most of all his life is relatively normal.

This treatment is not available to all, and Levi only has access to it in Europe because of his dedication to the trial. Along with my family and friends, our hope is that children and adults all over the world will have access to Trikafta. With this fundraiser ,I am hoping to help gain universal access to life saving drugs, and most importantly a cure for CF. I will be attending the Joey Fund Gala this November in support of Levi Hansen.


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