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Rick Wietmarschen Memorial Golf Tournament



Rick's annual golf tournament is continuing again for the 18th year, and we would love to have you back as a participant, a sponsor, or a volunteer. There will be a few changes this year, but I promise you another enjoyable event with lots of laughs and memories. This year's event will be held August 28th, 2021 at Cedar Trace Golf Club with a shotgun start at 7AM... Eek! I know that is early, but that is the hand we were dealt this year. We are asking for these donation levels: - $100 donation per golfer or $400 donation per team in the tournament - $100 donation for hole a sponsor - $500 donation for a food and beverage station sponsor If interested please reach out to Rob Wietmarschen 513-310-9839 to verify your participation. Thank you!!!!


raised of $7,500 goal

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1. RWRob Wietmarschen
Thank you to all the participants in this year's event! We appreciate every one of you!!
2. BBBo (golf Participant) Burkhart
3. RKRick Ketterer
4. JRJason Rahe
Golf Outing Participant
5. JTJerry Thamann. Golf Participant
6. RMRon Meyer
Golf outing participant