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Clarissa Phillips

Clarissa Phillips

First, if this is a duplicate request, please forgive me, This is my last push for the summer. Please donate, if possible!
Happy fall!
Cheers, Chris 

To our family and friends ~ As we all recover from a lost year of family functions, gathering with friends at home and in our favorite restaurants, traveling (in our case, working through the bucket list) and, of course, attending cystic fibrosis fundraisers. The Foundation has missed the funds generated by physical events. And, of course, the effect is the reduced funding for research. As was the case last year, the Foundation will be unable to have personal events for at least most of 2021. We at the Foundation hope to resume physical events this fall, but for now the on-line campaigns continues. We are hoping you may be able to help us by donating to our 2021 Annual Fund. Also we have wonderful news to share with you, the new drug, Trikafta, has proven to be a true life changer for the majority of those afflicted with CF, including Peter. He has benefited greatly. Like many drugs, Trikafta, has potential negative side effect, most concerning the threat of damage to internal organs, predominantly the liver. To that end, we continue our quest for a cure, one that will relieve the constant vigil for potential side effects. Trikafta would not have been developed without the relentless fundraising spearheaded by CF families and their friends. We will never be able to thank you, our supporters, enough. Once again, we ask for your support. Your support will help make a difference for all those afflicted with CF and their families. As always, thank you! PS Below are a few photos of Peter and his family. Until It's Done

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