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Debbie and Paul: Money buys Science. Science extends Life. We are committed to giving until it's done. Join us.

Deborah Horwitz & Paul Nierman

Deborah Horwitz & Paul Nierman

Our precious grandson is almost 8 years old and is growing tall and strong. He plays with friends and with his little sister who adores him. We love his curly hair, sunny smile, fast pitches and funny jokes, his clever game strategies and natural acting in plays. Mix into his busy life his daily 25 treatments: multiple enzymes, antibiotics, inhaled nebulizer treatments, breathing treatments & airway clearance therapies, basic nutrition through a surgical port in his tummy -- add these up and this means that when he is "healthy," he loses 15 entire days each year just to stay that way. His rare mutation is the most severe to live with and hardest to fix. Researchers are working on several paths to effective treatments and a cure for his rare mutation -- but these are still far in the future. GIVE NOW to bring the future closer.


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In loving memory of Erica Heikoff McKeown, beloved wife, mother, sister, aunt, friend, teacher. We've known Erica and her family for over 36 years and admired her keen mind, clarity, devotion to family and commitment to community. Erica's tenacity kept her running daily at 5:30 in the morning; advocating for gifted children and rigorous education; and continued through caring for her husband and then very difficult days of her cancer treatments to the end. May the memory of Erica McKeown be for a blessing.
6. PPaul Nierman & Debbie Horwitz
IN loving memory of Helene Kruger, who passed away in March 2019 at age 103. Helene was a smart, generous, hard-working, no-nonsense woman who supported many important organizations including the American Jewish Committee and the Cystic Fibrosis Fdn. Helene was like an aunt to us. May her memory be for a blessing.